We understand what it’s like to know what you want to say, but not be able to articulate and organize it into the correct words on paper. This section is developed for those who experience difficulty in writing Cover letters, organizing resumes, CV’s or simply do not have the time or knowledge of the industry to construct them. Let us help you with the following:




  • Letters of Intent
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Cover letters
  • References
  • Resumes



If you are planning to attend a college or university, you may be required to submit a letter of intent explaining why you have chosen the institution and what specific skills and abilities you would bring if selected to attend. You can submit any information about yourself and why you wish to attend a specific university and receive a Top Notch letter of intent. We will also teach you helpful interviewing techniques that will be useful for education and employment. We are also able to write professional business letters for termination, resignation, hire and salary negotiations.


One of the most important steps in achieving career success is developing a clear and comprehensive CV. Most employers will not get a chance to know how good you are if you are not able to create a visual image of your skills and qualifications on paper. We specialize in creating quality Resumes and CV’s and will train you to be able to articulate your experiences in an interview. We carry many different styles, fonts and formats.


If you really want the job, you will want to write a good Cover Letter. A Cover letter provides specific information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for and lets the employer know that you are serious about coming to work for their organization. An effective cover letter explains the reasons for your interest in the organization and identifies your most relevant skills or experiences. Often you can include things in the Cover letter that may not be present on your Resume or CV.


Perspective employers may request reference letters or a list of references of those who are familiar with your work style, skills and abilities. We can write reference letters and/or create lists of references to accompany your CV and Cover letter. Most employers are not only interested in knowing about your skills and abilities, but are interested in knowing what other professionals have to say about you. A professional reference letter can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to becoming employed.


A Resume is simply a one to two-page brief summary of skills and experience necessary to accommodate an employers need. Resumes are typically written with the most important information being listed first and other relevant headings to fit the requirements of the position. We have created hundreds of resumes and can help you arrange your academic and educational achievements in a very clear and organized method using an OBJECTIVE statement that speaks directly to skills and abilities required by the employer.