Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard

Others known clientele include the San Diego State University Men and Women’s Athletic teams between the years of 2000 and 2013 where I began as a Career Counselor and liaison to the department of athletics. Most of the academic and career development workshops were aimed at making sure athletes were able to comprehend life changes and understand the chances one had of making a career out of sports. I developed a passion for recognizing potential in people and equipping individuals with tools of self-marketing, which has help many reach those avenues to success.

I have assisted in preparing the academic and career development of teams, which produced women’s basketball senior guard Jene Morris who was drafted by the WNBA’s Indiana Fever. Morris was the first-ever Aztec drafted by the 14-year-old Women’s National Basketball Association. Morris is just the 11th player in Mountain West Conference history to be tabbed in the WNBA Draft and the fourth selected in the first round. She is the league’s highest pick overall since 2006, and third highest in MWC history, trailing only Utah’s Shona Thorburn (7th overall) and TCU’s Sandora Irvin (3rd).

Finally, I provided career and academic development to one of the teams who produced, One of the top players to ever put on a SDSU uniform…” Mr. Kawhi Leonard and another great Running Back, Ronnie Hillman. While Kawhi and Ronnie did not need any additional recommendations on what to do when their season was over, many of their teammates, who were arguably great enough also to compete at a higher level, did. We trained these young professionals how to prepare themselves for their future careers and to expect positive outcomes. Your natural talent is a gift, but gifts are often overlooked and underappreciated if they are not packaged in ways to attract the attention of the employer.


In 1991, Nick Cannon was an opening act for our family owned agency, Bottomline Entertainment. His charisma, comedic skills and display of natural talent are something that could neither be taught nor reproduced. He obviously possessed the raw talent and abilities, but lacked the much-needed exposure. Our conversations were casual, but direct in content. My suggestions to him were that he begins positioning himself to receive the recognition that he would eventually obtain. He began doing more stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, which would eventually be the fuel that ignited a very promising career for his future for a very gifted young talent. What began as simply providing personal advice to a young ambitious friend may have helped to spark a successful television and film career for Nick Cannon? He was one of the first to sit with the company’s founders and discuss ways of gaining exposure to the world of entertainment. His strategic positioning, timing and sincere belief in what he had to offer the industry allowed him to take advantage when opportunity presented itself. Since 1991, we have remained committed to developing the personal and professional goals of our client’s and helping them to obtain success.


In 1992, Doug Rasheed, a longtime friend and business associate discussed his plans for taking his music career to the next level. He was already producing and writing at a very high level; however, as we discussed our geographical location in San Diego wasn’t quite where the top executive and music moguls were setting their sights. We spoke at length until one day; I gave the analogy of where you would go if you wanted to catch a big fish? The answer was clear that you wouldn’t find a fish of your kind in Chollas Lake! You must position yourself to be where the things that you want to happen, happen more frequently. We laughed and shortly after, he discussed how he had been offered a job a security guard in Los Angeles for Sony Records. He asked me what I thought and I replied, there really isn’t much to think about because they’re not coming to San Diego looking for you! He accepted the job and it wasn’t long before opportunity met preparation and he handed one of his tapes to a music executive. He was not only gifted musically, but he understood how to present himself as a product.

Doug Rasheed went on to become an American hip-hop producer, known for producing Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise and 2Pac’s Only God Can Judge Me. We remain in touch and are thankful for struggles, which helped to create the memories that neither of us could have ever imaged would happen.