We understand the difficulty of becoming a productive member of a society, which rarely forgives nor forgets anyone having experienced incarceration. Once someone has been given a negative label, such as ex-felon, ex-gang member or ex-addict, people tend to define the individual based on his/her worst life experience. Even when someone is terminated from a job, employers tend to discriminate and view the individual negatively without considering the circumstances. We specialize in providing professional development and re-entry services for individuals with criminal records and negative or no employment history.

Whether someone has experienced long-term incarceration or local jail time, we can help overcome academic and employment barriers. We have been successful in obtaining Certificates of Rehabilitation and can provide access to state and federal documentation that can reduce felony convictions and/or expunge misdemeanor convictions.

We provide Demos_black_oversized_employee_tee_streetwear_largespecialized academic and job search strategies that will provide our clients with insight on the criminal justice system and how to avoid the many employment barriers for individuals having a criminal record. We have a private list of client success stories and offer free consultation to anyone who has experienced incarceration, wanting to pursue any academic, business or career related goal.

Topics range from:

  • How to present yourself for the right position

  • Identifying what employers look for in job candidates

  • Turning prison experience into work experience

  • How to properly answer the “Have you ever been Convicted . . .” question

  • Resume’s, Cover letters and Interviewing with confidence

  • Communication skills and dressing for success