Everyone may not be aware of the powerful resource of a military veteran, but Top Notch is committed to understanding military and veterans to better equip them with information that will lead to civilian job placement and a confident transition to the world of work. Any transition is difficult, but the military transition is perhaps the most difficult to navigate. Many of those who served their country need help understanding how to connect their military experience and skills to those that are in demand in the civilian job market. We can assist in constructing relevant Curriculum Vitae’s (CV’s) that translate military jargon into meaningful corporate language while demonstrating how to implement the techniques most likely to lead to relevant employment. We assist our participants in developing effective strategies to fulfill their employment goals, and connect with employers and academic opportunities.

air-force-personnel-1Topics range from:

  • How to present yourself for the right position

  • Identifying what employers look for in job candidates

  • Job search strategies and entrepreneurship

  • Knowing yourself and Interviewing with confidence

  • Communication skills for employment